Your Master Key To Success

In just one day you will learn exciting and powerful personal success skills….

that will help you “unlock” your own “Mind Power” and easily and effectively bring about the changes you want in your behaviour and your life.

What do you want to change in your life? 
  • Be more active?
  • Eat healthier?
  • Lose weight?
  • Stop procrastinating?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Get rid of a phobia?
  • Focus better? Etc…


This workshop is a “must” for everyone.

Whether you want to stop or start doing something different, these powerful skills can help you!
What you will learn:-
  • “Instant” Self-Hypnosis – You will be able to use this technique to assist you in many situations “instantly”, right when you need it.
  • Discover how to “tap” into your own powerful “states” to motivate yourself and improve your confidence to succeed in life.
  • Learn other simple (and effective) techniques that enable you to set and achieve your goals.

These skills will immediately give you a greater sense of self control in your life.

What people have to say about this workshop…

“I can’t believe how easy this was!  This day really is “Life Skills” training. What you lean you can use for anything in your life to help you be better and more successful.” Jillian Wedlake

“A ‘Must See’ event in one’s life!” (Dr.) V Minenko, Auckland

“It was great to find how easy it all was to do” Tim Gray, Wellington“

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