Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training…

Although each of the modules can be purchased separately, this diploma includes ALL of the modules below…

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Audio MP3’s. 8 x sessions provided upon course sign-up.

Your Master Key To Success

A 1 day workshop to accelerate your momentum and form part of the Diploma

Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Part 1,  a 9 day block course or part time over several weekends.

Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Part 2, Part 1,  a 9 day block course or part time over several weekends.

Your Master Key To Success

How you relate to the world depends on your beliefs, attitude, and perception. These factors influence your behaviour, how you react to situations, and therefore, your life. It is possible, however, and even easy to make the changes you really want in those areas.

For there to be any lasting change in behaviour, it must first take place on the sub-conscious level of your mind.

This one day workshop is a “must” if you want to make positive changes in your life. In just one day, with IACT Master Trainer, Roger Saxelby, you will learn exciting and powerful personal success skills to tap into your own “Mind Power” and effectively bring about the changes you want in your life.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn techniques that will enable you to set and achieve the changes you desire… and enjoy the personal success you deserve.

By the end of this workshop you will know how to …

Use “Instant” Self-Hypnosis for many situations, right when you need it.
The four essential steps in goal setting to establish and achieve your goals.
Tap into your own powerful resources. Motivate yourself and your self-belief to improve your confidence to succeed in life.
Use other easy, yet powerful techniques for a positive mindset.

The skills you will learn (and practise) during this workshop will immediately give you a feeling of self-control in your life, making it easier to make positive changes.

Introduction To Hypnotherapy

You can begin your Hypnotherapy training immediately, with no waiting for classes. These audio lectures are the best way to start your learning in this fascinating and rewarding profession. It contains invaluable background information, most of which is not covered in the classroom modules. This information, presented by IACT Master Trainer, Roger Saxelby, has not been presented in most other Hypnotherapy training. Yet it is necessary if you really want to understand Hypnosis and have a real thirst for knowledge about this powerful therapy.

In these audios you will learn about…

The History and Development of Hypnosis
Applications of Hypnosis
The Subconscious Mind
Altered States of Consciousness
Types of Inductions
Deepening and Compounding Suggestions
Levels of Hypnosis
Laws of Suggestion, and much more.

This module is FREE when you enrol on our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The lectures are provided as MP3s or CD audios.  Plus you receive FREE transcripts.  Listening and reading makes it easier to learn and recall the information.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Module 1

This module covers a lot of ground… on very first day you will learn and understand techniques that you can use not only use to assist you with your training (memory, learning, recall, etc) but also to help you make any other positive changes you want to make.  Plus, you will be able to utilise this information to help your clients, and also as a template to conduct your own workshops.  And that’s just Day 1! How good is that! The other days in this module will lead you step by easy step from the very basics of hypnosis and how the mind works, right through to hypnotherapy for a variety of issues.  You will learn how to write your own “scripts” so you can assist your clients using what is known as “direct suggestion” or “???”. You will get plenty of time to practice (every day)  in a safe supervised environment, and learn from your own experiences.  You work with others in the class, and even real clients, as you hone your skills until it becomes almost second nature. 

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Module 2

If you are serious about become a fully competent* and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist you will require therapy skills other than “just” supportive/direct suggestion therapy. By saying *”fully competent,” we mean one who meets the national standards  of hypnotherapy that are currently being developed.  These standards are not associated with any private training establishment,  rather they have been developed by the (completely independent) NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board IncNZHRB has set up a National Standards Advisory Group (NSAG) of hypnotherapists, from many different NZ hypnotherapy organisations, who are concerned by some of the standards of training currently available. In this module, you learn to become something of a detective. This is where you get to the nitty gritty of what makes people tick. In this module, you’ll learn how to help clients that require more than direct suggestion. You will learn to assist your clients investigate what’s causing their issue, what is holding them back, and with these skills you learn here you can assist them to resolve their inner conflict and move on with their lives. You will also learn a comprehensive range of advanced techniques, in-depth pain management techniques, and how to apply these to deal with more difficult issues. As well, you will also learn how to effectively market your business and how to conduct seminars and workshops to increase your income. 

Your Master Key to Success