Transforming Clinical Hypnotherapy Training…  

Do you want to…

  • Change your occupation to something more holistic and/or effective?
  • Add hypnotherapy to your current career? 
  • Empower your clients to reach their goals faster?
  • Become a CLinical Hypnotherapist?
  • Inspire others in specific fields?  E.G. health, education, business, sport, etc?
  • Work the hours you chose? Spend more time with your family? 

We can help you succeed as an effective, professional hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is a science and an art. Conducting a successful hypnotherapy business requires much more than learning “how” to hypnotise people and reading set “scripts”. At Alpha we provide you with the techniques and skills to operate as an effective hypnotherapist and help you to transform the lives of your clients. We cover all aspects of what you need to know to be an effective and successful Hypnotherapist.

Alpha Hypnotherapy Training has been highly regarded by the NZ profession for many years, as providing graduates with a robust, high-level qualification. This has culminated in Alpha Hypnotherapy Training now becoming a “Recognised” Training School (that meets the National Standards) by the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc. (NZAPH)*. This assists our graduates to “fast track” to NZAPH Professional Membership and become registered.

Roger Saxelby teaching at AUT
Hypnotherapist with a client

Your training has been developed by New Zealand’s most experienced and awarded trainer

Our training was developed by Roger Saxelby, who has nearly 40 years years experience as a practitioner in the field, and 30+ years as a hypnotherapy trainer.  Roger has personally studied and trained in NZ, Australia and the USA with some of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapists and leading experts in their fields. Roger incorporates all his experiences and wealth of knowledge into his own practice and training. 

Most importantly – as hypnotherapy develops Roger continues to seach out new techniques, new research etc. He continues to attend ongoing training and continuously improve this course and our student’s experiences. 


Alpha has a 100% Money Back Written Guarantee*

We provide the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training, with daily demonstrations (right from day 1) with a focus on vital practice time in a supervised environment.  Our pledge to you is this:

If, on the last class day of the course, you honestly believe we have not provided you with information, methods and techniques with life changing potential (for yourself and others) we don’t want your money!  We’ll give it back to you 100%. Guaranteed!

* We believe, if you are planning to work in this country, that it is very important to belong to an NZ hypnotherapy incorprated society, as members need to comply (by law) with the Consitution, Rules and Ethics of that society.  Non-incorporated groups do not have that legal legal standing. 

Alpha students in class

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 Classes held in

Auckland &  Wellington    


Alpha students in class

In order to enable more individual attention, we prefer to conduct smaller size classes so numbers are limited.

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