Rosie Frost

Rosie Frost

Dear Roger and Sue,

Some time has passed since I attended the Alpha Hypnosis Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy, and have now at last completed my final assessment – and what a journey it has been!

The course in itself was brilliant, a wonderful blend/mixture of practical hands-on, demonstration and theory; and once again Roger, your passion for hypnotherapy, wealth of experience, amazing wisdom, knowledge, delightful sense of humour and natural teaching abilities have created a solid foundation from which I have been able to expand and explore my own potential and abilities at a much deeper and personal level.

Completing the final assessment/exam was challenging for me in so many ways and presented me with many hurdles and challenges to overcome.  However,  the process has taught me so much, and I feel that my abilities, communication skills, capabilities and confidence have all been hugely expanded, and now feel well equipped and really confident in my abilities to cope with the many and varied problems that clients present me with.

It is an absolute joy and privilege to have learnt and experienced such a wide variety of highly effective tools with which to help clients find and resolve the cause of a problem in their life, especially since so often, the ‘presenting problem’ turns out to be not the real issue at all!

Sue, your organisation skills are simply amazing, and all those extra little (and some not so little) touches that you provide really are the icing on the cake!  You and Roger together, provide a wonderful and very easy learning environment and experience that I simply became immersed in.  I love that you are so approachable and friendly, and I know that you are both only ever a phone call, or email away – and so willing to help with any queries.

I feel both excited and privileged to be working in the field of hypnotherapy, and can honestly say that my training with Alpha, and now actually working with clients and seeing such amazing transformations is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done.

With much gratitude and my very best wishes,
Rosie Frost

Feedback on Alpha's Clinical Hypnotherapy Training... 

andrewAndrew Hardwick

"This clinical hypnotherapy training course more than met my expectations, helped me personally and helped me achieve many, many goals. It ranks amongst the 3 best things I’ve ever done in my life.My only regret s that it took me so long to get around to doing it!"

rosieRosie Frost

"The course was brilliant. It was a wonderful blend/mixture of practical hands on, demonstration and theory. I can honestly say that my training with Alpha and now working with clients and seeing such amazing transformations, is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done."

Leanne Lawrence MD

Leanne Lawrence MD

"The contents of a 1 year clinical hypnotherapy course, distilled and condensed to supply all the information needed, personably and effectively and delivered within 18 enjoyable intensive study days. It changed my life and medical practice. Thanks so much Roger" 



carolineCaroline Cranshaw

"Roger, you are a gifted teacher and an amazing therapist. It is rare to have both talents. I learned so much from your lectures and from watching you demonstrate hypnosis. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to train with you. Thank you so much for teaching me what I believe to be my life’s work."

chrisChris Levitt

"Roger is an incredibly experienced, passionate, extremely articulate and user-friendly trainer, with a great sense of humour. I found the course to be superbly balanced, with theory, demonstration and practise. It more than fulfilled all my expectations."

Mitchell Bloom MD

(Roger and Sue) thank you for all generosity of time and effort, going the extra mile to make our hypnotherapy training experience very enjoyable. I had taken a hypnotherapy course from a different hypnotherapy trainer and found the Alpha training to be more comprehensive with more time to practice the vital skills, which enabled me to feel much more equipped to see patients with more complicated problems." 

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