Andrew Hardwick

Andrew Hardwick

Dear Roger and Sue

The three best things about Alpha’s hypnotherapy training course were…

  1. The logical sequence – being guided through step by step, building on what we had learnt
  2. The pace (of learning) was absolutely perfect.
  3. Having all the information provided in multiple formats (handouts, audio CDs, demonstrations, practical exercises, etc) really reinforced the learning.

What was most useful were “learning the variety of techniques and their application, the chance to practise, practise, practise, and the hypnosis sessions at the start of each day enabled me to learn everything at an incredible speed.”

He really enjoyed Roger’s style of teaching saying Roger had a “calming and paternal approach, patient and form, and (lots of) humour.”

He finished by saying… ” Roger and Sue, this course has provided me with the most enjoyable weeks of my life! I have studied hard, and worked long and hard with reading, homework and practise, and yet I feel as if I’ve been on an amazing holiday, full of wonders and totally relaxed. Absolutely brilliant!!”

Some time later Andrew wrote to us with the following….

“I have been a practising nurse since 1981, in the fields of general nursing and mental health.  I have also, as a manager, managed large, health related projects, coordinated many activities and staff training and education.  I am currently in my second role as a Quality Facilitator, responsible for ensuring that everything we do is done in the safest and best way possible.  All of this requires that one develops great communication skills.  In all the courses I have attended during my nursing career, both in the UK and in NZ, I never learned as much about the true art of communication as I did in Alpha Hypnosis Training Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy Course.

The course has definitely helped me personally.  When I attended the first modules for example, each night I would get home absolutely buzzing with excitement, eager to let my wife know what I had learned during the day.  Anne has seen me grow disillusioned with many jobs over the years, and has also known how much I had always wanted to learn hypnotherapy.  She told me that I have never been as enthusiastic or as energised by anything before.  I carried that energy forward into the Advanced Diploma Course too, and it would be true to say that I just can’t get enough of everything about hypnotherapy to satisfy my curiosity right now.  During the course I met great people and made some developing friendships.

The course more than met my expectations.  I have been on many courses, only some of which delivered what was advertised.  This course delivered far more than that – this course has changed the direction and focus of my life.  I am so much happier and more positive now that my future lies in hypnotherapy, and I think that I am easier to live with too, because of that.

I have always thought that handouts are a necessary evil that eats into time that could be better spent doing hands on practise. But maybe that’s because my learning style is to learn by doing.  However, the course was not just for me, it was for the other students too, and some had learning styles which favoured handouts, so fair’s fair after all.  So saying, the quality of the handouts is very high.  I loved the demonstrations, particularly when I could be the client, which was often.  I admit that I did tend to hog as many chances to be hypnotised as possible, but I’m an all or nothing person who likes to experience things for real, rather than watch and take notes.  I learned more by being the client in the chair than by anything else, because it taught me what my future clients will be experiencing and I can relate to it myself.

The course has helped me achieve many, many of my goals.  I gave and received a lot of therapy (during the classes) and let’s face it, we all need to do both at times. In one session I was able to be regressed and to remember my mother’s face when she was alive, which was a truly special moment for me.  Both my phobias about strawberries and ladders have gone, so now can not only can I eat strawberries again, but I  could probably do it from the top of a ladder too if I wanted to!   My life is continuing to change too – I have been seeing clients for my case studies since November (even during the evenings of the Advanced Course),  I have spent a lifetime working for people as a nurse, but now I can spend the rest of my life working with people, for me, in hypnotherapy.
(Next year) I will be turning professional and opening a hypnotherapy clinic of my own.  This is a huge step for me, flying solo for the first time ever, and I could not have taken it without the great training I received from Roger, plus the support of my wife and my fellow hypnotherapy students.

What I most enjoyed… two things stand out as – hypnotising and being hypnotised. Firstly, I knew that I could be hypnotised, in fact I believe that anyone can, under the right circumstances.  But I had never realised how highly suggestible and easily hypnotisable I was.  I went into hypnosis so quickly and so deeply that at times I nearly fell out of the chair – literally!  But what a fantastic feeling to be so deeply relaxed.  I love the feeling of being hypnotised, and I think that’s why I was always racing to the chair whenever the opportunity arose.  Secondly, and without trying to sound too kinky about this, I never realised what a fantastic, high feeling it would give me to relax someone into hypnosis – what a turn on!  And then, when they make the changes they wanted, well that’s just a moment of pure magic!

Roger is a great trainer!  I have attended many courses throughout my nursing career, met loads of trainers and would not consider any of them to have become my friend during the course.  But that’s not the same with Roger, because I feel that I started the course with a trainer and ended it with a new friend.  You can’t buy that feeling!

I definitely received value for money!  At present finances are tight and I probably could not really afford to do the course.  But, in my view finances would always have remained tight if I did not change my career path.  So in effect this was a course which I could not afford to not do.  I have invested to save, and would advise others to do the same, for the sake of their own future happiness.  This is a great, value for money course.

This course ranks amongst the 3 best things I’ve ever done in my life.  The other 2 were to marry my wife, and the birth of our son.  The only I regret I have about the course is that it took me so long (2 years) to get around to doing it!  To read more…

Andrew Hardwick

Feedback on Alpha's Clinical Hypnotherapy Training... 

andrewAndrew Hardwick

"This clinical hypnotherapy training course more than met my expectations, helped me personally and helped me achieve many, many goals. It ranks amongst the 3 best things I’ve ever done in my life.My only regret s that it took me so long to get around to doing it!"

rosieRosie Frost

"The course was brilliant. It was a wonderful blend/mixture of practical hands on, demonstration and theory. I can honestly say that my training with Alpha and now working with clients and seeing such amazing transformations, is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done."

Leanne Lawrence MD

Leanne Lawrence MD

"The contents of a 1 year clinical hypnotherapy course, distilled and condensed to supply all the information needed, personably and effectively and delivered within 18 enjoyable intensive study days. It changed my life and medical practice. Thanks so much Roger" 



carolineCaroline Cranshaw

"Roger, you are a gifted teacher and an amazing therapist. It is rare to have both talents. I learned so much from your lectures and from watching you demonstrate hypnosis. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to train with you. Thank you so much for teaching me what I believe to be my life’s work."

chrisChris Levitt

"Roger is an incredibly experienced, passionate, extremely articulate and user-friendly trainer, with a great sense of humour. I found the course to be superbly balanced, with theory, demonstration and practise. It more than fulfilled all my expectations."

Mitchell Bloom MD

(Roger and Sue) thank you for all generosity of time and effort, going the extra mile to make our hypnotherapy training experience very enjoyable. I had taken a hypnotherapy course from a different hypnotherapy trainer and found the Alpha training to be more comprehensive with more time to practice the vital skills, which enabled me to feel much more equipped to see patients with more complicated problems." 

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