Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training information

You chose which suits you, how and where you train and how you pay!

With Alpha, you get to chose!  The Diploma of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy is our complete course.  You chose…

  • Which training modules suits you best
  • How you train – weekends or class blocks.
  • Where you train – Auckland or Wellington
  • How you pay – Complete course (Early Bird Specials, Time Payment, Etc) or module by module .

You gain the benefit and gain peace of mind from Roger Saxelby, Alpha’s Founder and Principal’s, in-depth knowelege and experience of all things hypnotherapy and the powert of the mind. Roger says “I’ve been teaching successful clinical hypnotherapy training since 1987. I developed this course over many years and have integrated much of the knowledge gained, not only from the numerous courses and trainings I’ve attended, but also with my experience of working with clients since becoming a full time hypnotherapist in 1980.

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Because of all of this we are able to offer training that is truly integrated client-centered clinical hypnotherapy.  This diploma gives you all you need in one comprehensive course to meet the needs of being a successful hypnotherapist or to include hypnotherapy in what you do now and that meets the requirerments of the  NZ Hypnotherapy Training Standards.”

To make it easier for you, this brochure has been designed to give you all of the information you require, so that you can make an informed decision as to which of our training would be best for you. As you go through this information  You can check out what is included in each module, just click on the links to learn more….

We encourage you to contact us, come and meet us if possible, have a chat and get to know us. That way, you’ll know if you feel comfortable training with us and whether we “know” our stuff. Plus it gives you an opportunity to get your questions answered personally.

This can be you in class

with Roger Saxelby

With Roger Saxelby

With Roger Saxelby

learning with others


Practising and learning with other students

Practising and learning with other students

Working with real clients

Working with a client

Working with a client

Celebrating the final day

Receiving your diploma

Inspiring and Empowering your own clients

Act NOW to make your future your relality