If credibility, quality and results are important to you… why settle for less?  

Remember the many benefits to you of training with us. Being a successful hypnotherapist and empowering your clients to reach their goals requires more than just “learning to hypnotise”.   It’s not only a science, it’s also an art. And being successful in your business with your clients and your business is paramount. To assist you, you will receive….

  1. Giving You Peace of Mind
  2. Choice of Training and Class Options
  3. Highly Credible Standards
  4. Your Guarantee of Quality
  5. Eligibility to Join Professional Organisations
  6. Unsurpassed Support
  7. Ongoing Training Options

Plus there’s more….

Your Peace of Mind…  

Having peace of mind in your trainer is very important. Knowing that Roger Saxelby is fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of Hypnotherapy. Having been a professional Hypnotherapist (full-time) since 1980, Roger has assisted thousands of satisfied clients to achieve their goals and transform their lives. And it is this knowledge and experience that he brings into this training, for your benefit. His experience and research, his passion and commitment to keep up with the latest developments in the profession from both New Zealand and internationally, ensures that you receive the most comprehensive and practical training that will inspire and empower you to succeed. 27 years experience teaching professional hypnotherapy Roger is the only “Certified Master Trainer” [Awarded by IACT (USA) – ID # CMT-020-05] in New Zealand.  

“The designated title of Certified Master Trainer is IACT’s highest trainer status and distinguishes these professionals as part of an elite group. As a Certified Master Trainer with IACT, they represent our International Certifying Body on the highest level. As such, they exemplify professional conduct that reflects positively upon IACT and the profession. Our Certified Master Trainers strictly adhere to the IACT Code of Ethics and set a positive example for others to follow.”

Roger Saxelby - Alpha Hypnotherapy Training
Roger Saxelby, IACT Master Trainer award

You Can Choose Your…

Providing professional hypnotherapy training since 1987 we understand that one “size” of training, qualification and payment isn’t always suitable for everyone.  Some years ago we introduced what we believe is a fairer system, where YOU tailor your training: what you attend, how you attend and how you pay! It’s simple.  You get to choose your training, type of class and the payment option to best suit you..

Training compatible for your requirements

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • or Module by Module
Classes to fit your lifestyle

  • Weekend Classes – spread over a number of months
  • Block Classes – usually held three times a year
Fee option to best fit your finances

  • Normal tuition fee
  • Prepay and save 
  • No interest time payments 

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee… 

Hypnotherapy training with a written 100% money back guarantee*?   Yes! We believe in offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee* on all of our courses.  There is absolutly no risk to you! This is Alpha’s Unique Pledge to You… 

 If, on the last class day of the course, you honestly believe we have not provided you with information, methods and techniques with life-changing potential (for yourself and others) we DON’T want your money!  We’ll give it back to you…100%. Guaranteed!

Highest Standards…

Alpha’s Diploma of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy meets the requirements for membership of many hypnotherapy organisations worldwide. You can practice in NZ and many other countries, with the latest effective techniques of internationally recognised experts in the profession.

Alpha is the first hypnotherapy school in New Zealand to be involved in the development of the current National Hypnotherapy Standards of training and competency developed by the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc.  We have been involved from the very start of this process in 2014.  And our involvement with setting national standards goes back much further than that. As far back as 1996 when the original national standards were being developed for the NZQA National Framework, Roger Saxelby was involved as the original chairperson of the Hypnotherapy Industry Advisory Group to the NZQA.  Roger and Sue were both involved in the revision of these standards.  Sadly, many of the natural therapies were relinquished by NZQA in 2006, including hypnotherapy so the national NZQA qualification never eventuated. 

Your Eligibility To Join Professional Organisations…

With an Alpha Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy you are eligible to join a number of NZ and international hypnotherapy organisations in New Zealand and many others in Australia, USA and UK. If you intend to work in NZ then we highly recommend joining a NZ incorporated association, be involved with and support the profession here.  We recommend the NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc. which you can join as a provisional member while completing your studies, working your way up to professional membership.  The goal is to become a registered hypnotherapist with the NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc. which is the only independent hypnotherapists registration board in NZ.  As this is the organisation that is spearheading the setting of national hypnotherapy standards, because of serious concerns about some of the training being offered, so we can’t stress enough how important it is for your credibility as a hypnotherapist to aim to become registered with the NZHRB. Our past students have been able to take their Alpha qualification and practice hypnotherapy in many countries throughout the world…  Australia, England, Wales, USA, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, India, United Arab Emirates,   plus other European countries.  If you intend to practice overseas you need to be aware of any legal and ethical regulations that may apply in that country.  E.g. In some US States, you can’t legally call yourself a hypnotherapist. You may be permitted to use titles such as “hypnosis counselor” or similar, but must not use the word “therapy” in the title. There may also be restrictions on the type of  client “‘issues” with which you can work.

Unsurpassed Support

Teaching hypnotherapy for more than 27 years, we have a fair idea of the kind of support students require, and again one size does not fit all.  To be a successful, effective hypnotherapist taking advantage of support and supervision is a must. All students are individuals and may need support in different ways. That is why we are upfront and very clear about the various support options we offer to our students, so you can choose which suits your needs….

Recommended Books….  We offer a range of books at special student discounts or you can buy online…
Some recommended books
Personal Sessions… Do you  want to work on yourself? Do some personal work? We offer personal hypnotherapy sessions, which are available at special student rates, or we can recommend other hypnotherapists.  
Free Mentoring  Feedback, mentoring and support is only a phone call or email away, not just while you are training, but also after your training for as long as you need it.   We have always offered this service (free) to our students, and to others who have trained elswhere.  
Supervision… To be an effective therapist working with vulnerable people, supervision is very important. Roger has specialised training in supervision and is available for clinical (paid) supervision to our students and graduates at a special student rate.   It is also available for all hypnotherapists (wherever they have trained). Supervision is eligible for your annual professional development requirements.
Peer Supervision… Regular, cost effective, peer (group) supervision sessions are held each month and you are able to attend online or in person. These sessions will assist you not only with your own clients, as well as hearing others talk about theirs.  Roger and Sue have both trained in peer supervision. Peer supervision meetings are eligible for annual professional development requirements.

On-going Training Options…

We also offer on-going training / professional development options. We frequently arrange for international presenters to conduct workshops for hypnotherapists and students. And we can often offer these to Alpha students / graduates at a special discounted rate.

Hypno-Fertility and Hypnosis For Birthing
Costa's Training
National Hypnotherapy Conference… You can also take advantage of other on-going training opportunities within the profession, such as the National Hypnotherapy Conference weekend. This is held annually, includes international as well as local presenters, and is well worth attending.  And the NZAPH also conducts workshops from time to time.

 You are important…

As a student, there is plenty of time to ask questions, get feedback, make suggestions, even challenge the trainer.  We welcome any discussion as we want you to understand and be confident in what you are learning. Plus, it should be fun too! You learn more when you enjoy your learning and students often speak of Roger’s sense of humour. We also tend to have smaller classes than some schools, and even conduct one to one training if required, as we prefer to give individual attention to each student.  Your success is paramount. We understand that each student is an individual and is on their own personal journey, with their own unique beliefs and life experiences.  All of this will assist you to become a more competent, successful therapist, with your own individual style.

Hypnotherapy Training students